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Anonymous asked: are you taking that job in SK or just moving out of your place now to a new place?

Just moving locally for now. Just an adjacent city to the one I’m at now, but it’s mega different from where I am now. The people are different, the area is nicer, and it’s got a lot of forests around. I’m not too sure what’s happening with the Saskatchewan thing since my uncle hasn’t provided any details about it. It’s still something that could very potentially still happen though

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It’s official now. I’m moving on May first. That means I’ve got a little over a week to pack my life up. Going to be terribly busy trying to juggle work, packing, trying to get my car running and my birthday on the 29th. Glad to finally be leaving where I’m living now though. It’s been something I’ve put off way too long.

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Today, I just want to cuddle and watch TV or have a nap. Bleh.

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I love the feeling of a friend turning into a douche because he got a girlfriend. Good to see where loyalties lie to open your eyes up a little bit.

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I just found out my little sister likes City and Colour. Success.

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I was eating a chocolate bar whilst lounging in my underwear, and chocolate crumbs fell on my stomach and melted and I don’t know what to do

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Everything. Fucking. Hurts.
I worked 7-5 today, no breaks, no food, with an extra 30 pounds of shit in my tool belt. Probably sank a couple thousand nails too. But I never thought I could be the kind of sore where I feel it in my bones and joints as well as my muscles. I need a bath and a massage

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freakyychromosome I just decided to swallow the can whole instead

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My hand is too fat for the pringles can. Fuck.

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Anonymous asked: You've been pretty quiet lately

Yea, just been trying to sort my head out. It’s been a rough couple of weeks

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I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love.
— Kuba Wojewodzki (via atmosthetic)

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Photo 16 Apr 110 notes Saw this the other day. Such a beaut.

Saw this the other day. Such a beaut.

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